1. Overalls that can be worn all at once and make use of your individuality.
Black for male and female
Khaki for male and female
The zipper on the front opens wide and there are no sleeves, so it can be worn with one action.You can go to play right away and it is easy to deal with disasters.By getting used to wearing it on a regular basis, you can get ready without being rushed even in an emergency.This item can also be worn as an inner or outer layer to show off your style.
2. The material is water-repellent and the coloring is good, tough cordura ®
A fiber that is extremely strong and durable compared to regular nylon and is a registered trademark of Invista.CORDURA ® is a durable material used in high-performance clothing, equipment and work wear.
It is now used in a wide range of products, from clothing and equipment that require even greater durability to everyday clothing.MOVESME has taken note of the good coloring of this material and adopted it.The material that can withstand tough conditions supports your reflexive moving force.
*CORDURA ®️ is a registered trademark of INVISTA, Inc.
3. Removable reversible hood
normal mode
hazard mode
rotating pull
retroreflective tape
string and adjuster
The normal mode side has a water-repellent effect (* not completely waterproof), so it's okay if it rains a little. The hood is designed to be deep, so you don't have to worry about people's eyes if you get a deep rash even at evacuation centers. The yellow hazard mode is said to be the most visible on the asphalt road, and it is easy to see even at night from a car driver. This yellow color is also applied to the inner wear of the upper body, and it subtly improves visibility. It also has retroreflective tape, so it reflects off the headlights. You can adjust the size of the front with the attached string, or you can remove it completely when you don't need it. This hoodie style with a small face effect is one of the biggest features of MOVESME.
4. Custom free external pouch and pocket
Here are your emergency items
MOVESME has a removable pouch with gusset. It can be attached to 6 places in total, hip and foot.
Velcro to prevent shaking on both sides. The inside is yellow, making it easy to find things to store. Retroreflective tape is attached to the outer circumference. If you pack a bunch of items in these pockets, you'll have less luggage on your back, and you'll be able to carry children and the elderly on your back. Of course, you can store tools and accessories for leisure and work. You can wrap it all around your waist with a belt.
5. The hip is open so you don't have to worry about using the bathroom.
The zipper around waist
It opens this much.
It opens around the buttocks.
Can use the bathroom cleanly.
Some people may find it difficult to use overalls in the toilet. The MOVESME has a hip-open zipper for both men and women to use the toilet comfortably. The fasteners made by YKK can stretch up to 10% and open wider than regular fasteners.
6. Hidden pocket on back for valuables and hip pocket with zipper
a hidden pocket on the inside of the back
Hips pocket with zipper
A hidden pocket on the inside of the back that can safely store valuables such as passbooks and passports when you are on the go or in an evacuation area.MOVESME greatly reduces the risk of loss or theft at bedtime. The fastener used in this pocket is a thin type made by YKK company, and it is less likely to interfere with the skin when sleeping than a normal fastener. There is also a zipper on the hip pocket to keep things from falling out when you run or work.
7. Size Adjustment / Chest Belt / Hem Belt / Waist Belt Loop
buckle on the chest
belt adjustment
The buckle on the chest can be removed.
Hem Velcro
For a slim silhouette
For Rollups
belt loop at the waist
Size adjustment is important when wearing. The buckle and adjuster of MOVESME are all made by YKK. Please adjust the belt of the chest adjuster by pulling the square can. If you want a slim silhouette, you can tighten the belt. If you want a loose silhouette, you can roll it up.
8. Human Friendly Inventions / Other Convenient Specifications
Flatness of the front body
Flatness of the back panel
Waist belt and retroreflective tape
Neck loop (small mobile solar panels here)
back pocket
Pocket for storing whistle (on both sides)
The front fastener can be fully opened
knee pad
MOVESME is a gear that allows you to save space and move around without using a backpack as much as possible, because you need to have an open back when you need to carry someone you care about. In addition, there is no external pocket on the front body of MOVESME. This is because I thought it would be better to remove obstacles when hugging someone important to me. With reflexive tape, whistles to call for help and signal, and knee guards, MOVESME is designed to protect you and your loved ones.
9. Careful sewing and production by domestic factories in Japan
MOVESME is not only produced in Japan, but also sewn and manufactured at the company's garment factory (Minamisanriku Town, Miyagi Prefecture) of MS Corporation. (Head office: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture), which plans and sells MOVESME.
MOVESME is made with solid technology, careful process and thorough quality control.
*It is not included in the minimum set.
10. can also be used as a bag! Multifunctional salon with 8 ways to use
to carry a thing on one's shoulders
Simple backpack style
If you attach it to a car seat, you can store more.
Shoulder Bag Style
Tighten into your hip bag.
You can sit on dirty or wet ground.
Large pocket with gusset on the front side.
Large pocket with no gusset on the back.
We're sure you'll find other ways to use it, and MOVESME has an unheard-of multifunctional salon that can be used roughly. This salon can be used for camping, BBQ, D.I.Y, driving, etc. Uses a cordura ® 1680 that is even more durable than the main body of MOVESME. This salon can be used for both hobbies and work. It is waterproof and has a large pocket. Depending on your idea, you can use it in many ways.
*Cordura ®️ is a registered trademark of INVISTA, Inc.
In addition, this can be done in combination with the MOVESME !
If you need to lift or move something heavy about 1 ~ 2 times on a daily basis, the usual salon usage described above should be fine. But when we carry sandbags and stones in preparation for typhoons, or when we remove debris after a disaster,You may have to make dozens of round trips, especially when working in a bad footing environment, which puts a lot of strain on your back, arms, and grip. In that case, please use this function. The belt structure of MOVESME distributes the burden on the arms and lower back to larger muscles such as the shoulders, back muscles, and legs, making it easier to carry heavy objects (up to about 20 kg) under adverse conditions. When you need to carry soil and compost for gardening and farming, blocks and gravel for D.I.Y, use this function of MOVESME.


Insert the attached belt to the sole of your foot.


Attach the sole belt to the adjuster on the side of the foot.


Spread the salon to the ground.


Pass the attached short belt through the edge of the salon.


Pass the second short belt through the other end.


Pass the end through the loop of each short belt.


Short and long belts connected by adjuster.


You put the end of the long belt through the rectangular ring of the chest.


You can also put it in the corner of the shoulder.


put it on your waist belt.


Remove the buckle on the upper side of the foot,


Pass through the end of the long belt and close the buckle.


bend your knees and keep your upper body straight without bending your lower back.


And as you stretch out your knees, you can see that gravity is distributed across the soles and the shoulders.


If you extend your knees, you can see that the gravity is distributed over your soles and shoulders. Before you put anything on the salon, adjust the length with the adjuster and adjust the length of the belt to match this position.
Setting and adjusting the belt length will take time at first (about 3 minutes), but it is recommended to use it on a daily basis as you will get used to it after setting it several times.
*Cautionary Notes
1. When lifting, keep balance and use on heavy objects (less than 20 kg) that match your physical strength.
2. Please make sure to set the belt and salon in a safe place.
3. Do not lift people or animals.
4. Please do not use this product if you feel pain or abnormalities on your body such as your lower back, knees or arms.
5. Discontinue use if you feel any abnormality in your body.
6. Discontinue use if damage is found on the product.
7. If heavy objects such as legs or knees are likely to hit, please use a commercially available protector or supporter, or discontinue use.
8. Do not disassemble or modify this product.
9. Do not use for anything other than the intended purpose.
10. Do not use near fire.
11. There is a difference in the skeleton of each person, and it may hit the shoulder and clavicle and hurt. Discontinue use if you feel pain.
12. When lifting heavy objects, practice without putting anything on first, and try gradually from light to heavy.
13. Do not bend your waist, bend your knees and stretch your body.
14. Do not use this product if you are pregnant.
15. When using, please make sure there are no obstacles or people around.
16. If you lift it vigorously, you may get an unexpected injury. Lift at a moderate speed depending on the weight.